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The Crèche - 3 to 12 Months Age Group

Knowing how important the first 3 years of a child's life is, we at Bonthuis, strive not only to give the very best physical care to our toddlers but also to lay a solid grounding for their future education and development. We achieve this through our excellent staff.

In the crèche we have a physiotherapist and fully qualified teachers as well as assistant-teachers and helpers.

Our programme includes:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • •   A positive self image - functioning within group relation as well as sharing
  • •   Acquiring age appropriate feeding skills
  • •   Toilet training
  • •   Training in basic social skills i.e. hygiene, manners, etc.

Physical Development
  • •   Encouragement and development of physical milestones
  • •   Sensory perception - spatial orientation
  • •   Body awareness - body comprehension (body parts)
  • •   Playing games to develop basic skills

Communication, Language and Literacy
  • •   With specific emphasis on our weekly theme, their vocabulary is expanded in order to gain more knowledge and experience of the world around them.

Development of Critical and Creative Thinking Skills
  • •   Mathematics - learning to count objects; exposure to geometrical shapes, colours and size
  • •   Art - exposure and experimentation with different media
  • •   Science – Basic Science in correlation with theme discussion

Cultural Development
  • •   Music

  • •   Well balanced diet provided


"I cannot praise Bonthuis as a school and James' teachers enough and I am convinced the wonderful child James is, is due to large measure to the school and staff, so please be assured of my deepest gratitude to Bonthuis and the staff."
~ Grant Howard (Parent of former student)

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