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The Nursery School - 3 to 4 Year Age Group

Now that the foundation has been laid in the crèche we strive to develop and refine the children's basic skills in preparation for Grade R. In the nursery school we realise that it is of utmost importance to have fully qualified staff with years of experience. All our Nursery School Staff have visited schools in the United Kingdom and Europe (and continue to do so) to compare and enhance our curriculum.

The following differentiated programme demonstrates our holistic approach to education:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • •   Recounting own experiences
  • •   Independent feeding and toileting
  • •   A positive self image - encouragement to be independent
  • •   Encourage children to bring objects to our weekly theme

Physical Development
  • •   Gross motor co-ordination
  • •   Perception - auditory and visual
  • •   Body awareness
  • •   Acquiring basic skills
  • •   Physical training
  • •   Ballet, soccer, music, computer classes, kinderkinetics, Ulricke's Art Classes, Playball, MiniChess, Experi-Buddies, CMaths and Froggie Swim School are available as extra-mural activities

Communication, Language and Literacy
  • •   Stories and reading
  • •   With specific emphasis on our weekly theme, their vocabulary is expanded in order to gain more knowledge and experience of the world around them. This is enhanced by regular trips and excursions as well as educational visits.

Development of Critical and Creative Thinking Skills
  • •   Mathematics - e.g. counting, colours, shapes and size
  • •   Art - development of fine motor co-ordination and creativity
  • •   Science – basic science according to the weekly theme

Cultural Development
  • •   Music - additional music lessons available
  • •   Pretoria Eisteddfod
  • •   Concerts
  • •   Centurion Art Festival
  • •   Regular puppet shows
  • •   Educational visits according to theme
  • •   Excursions to various locations around Pretoria
  • •   Entrepreneur Day
  • •   Celebration: Youth Day - "Potjiekos"
  • •   Bonthuis Birthday: Informal Picnic, Puppet shows, Entertainment, Celebrities
  • •   Parent Morning: Performance by each class
  • •   Mother and Daughter Day: Tea Party
  • •   Father and Son Camp
  • •   Grandmother and Grandfather Day: Picnic

  • •   Physiotherapist on site
  • •   Well balanced diet provided


"I cannot praise Bonthuis as a school and James' teachers enough and I am convinced the wonderful child James is, is due to large measure to the school and staff, so please be assured of my deepest gratitude to Bonthuis and the staff."
~ Grant Howard (Parent of former student)

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