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Extra-mural Activities

By special request of the parents, the child may enrol in additional extra-mural activities. All of these are presented by fully qualified, highly competent teachers with many years of experience in training children.

Babynastix - Boost your baby's development
Is a brand new adventure, filled with fun sensory games, movement, body awareness, cognitive and social development , baby massage and many other activities.

A trained and qualified instructor will guide and assist your baby through easy-to-follow routines. By continuing to expose baby to these routines, you have the assurance that your little one’s lifelong educational journey is being built on a firm Babynastix foundation.

All exercises focus on developing and stimulating baby’s senses, white developing physical, emotional, cognitive and language areas.

The Babynastix programme is designed and endorsed by an 0ccupational Therapist, Pediatrician and Early Childhood Developer.

Computer Classes - Just Click
Just click is great fun and the use of computers present toddlers with an ideal opportunity to develop emotionally, intellectually and technologically in the relaxed, familiar school environment.

Click here to download the Just Click entry form

Dance Army Youngsters
Dance Army Youngsters is an introductory class for children between the ages of 3-8 and incorporates music and movement in an energetic and fun way by combining music and dance with carefully structured learning. The music and dance classes help our students to develop coordination and social skills while they learn to express themselves

Music Appreciation
Music is one of the most potent performing arts and can have a great effect on a child's total development. Children participating in music, achieve some or other form of success, considering that it is experienced individually. This success leads to a sense of confidence and self-worth and gives the child courage to attempt more difficult learning tasks.

Experi-Buddies is an educational programme that uses experiments to show young children that the world of science can be fun. This is done by means of interactive projects, exciting demonstrations and basic experiments.

Soccercise Starz is a well balanced football program aimed at children between the ages of 2-6. We believe that developing the fundamental skills at this age will give your child a head start in not only football, but other aspects of life. The Grassroots Football Foundation coaching manual focuses on muscle development, team work, discipline, social skills, confidence, decision making and more.

Ballet classes is offered from 4 years of age. Tuition is given by means of a prescribed syllabus of DANCE ACADEMY OF SOUTH AFRICA (DANSA) with a special syllabus for tiny Tots 1 and 2 for the very young 3 (the year they turn 4) to 6 years of age. These syllabus are composed of graduate steps, which are accompanied by nursery themes and other simple tunes for the very young - gradually guiding them into formal ballet training.

Playball© offers 6 different sport and movement programs for boys and girls between the ages of two and eight. All of the programs are taught in a fun-filled, energetic and positive environment and for the last 25 years children from all over the world have enjoyed the postive impact that our programs have had on their lives.

Kindekinetics is a fun-orientated programme that helps to develop a child’s motor skills and increasing their self-confidence at the same time.

A+ Students
Is a Powerful Brain and Skills Development course aimed at not only improving children’s mental arithmetic ability, but also abilities like memorization, concentration, speed reading and listening, information processing, insight and fine motor movement (which is linked to intelligence).

PMA Judo
Judo as an international sport knows no boundaries and as such is contributing to friendship and peace among nations. As a sport Judo distinguishes itself as a form of discipline and respect that underlines the spirit of Judo. Through this spirit the emotional, social and intellectual development of participants run parallel to the physical achievement of judo players. As a constructive and systematic sport Judo develops the intelligence of the judoka. Although the concept of the intelligence is very wide (eg social, creative, physical, etc), it is certain that the basis of all intelligence is perceptual–motion as it is through our senses that we discover knowledge. As a perceptual-motion activity Judo can be an aid for children with learning disabilities. To illustrate this concept one has to look at some important perceptual-motion functions and its bearing on scholastic achievement.

Froggie Swim School
Froggie Swim School offers swimming lessons for babies from 6 months old. The Froggie Swim School program is designed to assist babies, toddlers, young children and adults to become familiar with water and to develop confidence and participation. Fun activities may also lead to the development of water skills and water safety. The methods used at Froggie Swim School are appropriate for physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. www.froggieswimschool.co.za

Clamber Club
Each Clamber Club lesson invites your children to learn through movement. Featuring beautiful original Clamber Club music and specially designed Clamber Club equipment, active learning is enhanced as our toddlers gain greater awareness of how their bodies move, improve their coordination, learn important perceptual motor skills, and enjoy learning about the world they live in, whilst having lots of fun with mom or dad. The first few years in a child’s life are extremely important as this the most sensitive period for optimal brain development. Stimulation time, sensory experiences and lots of active play help to build better brains! Froggies are up on their feet and eager to explore! They have a real sense of adventure and want to touch, see, hear, smell and taste everything. Their body coordination and balance improves through Jog the Frog’s exercises and activities, and they are introduced to simple concepts such as in and out, on and off and heavy and light. It’s fun to bang a drum in music and rhythm, and to bounce, wiggle, jiggle and jump!

Extra-mural Activities

By special request of the parents, the child may enrol in additional extra-mural activities. All of these are presented by fully qualified, highly competent teachers with many years of experience in training children.



"I cannot praise Bonthuis as a school and James' teachers enough and I am convinced the wonderful child James is, is due to large measure to the school and staff, so please be assured of my deepest gratitude to Bonthuis and the staff."
~ Grant Howard (Parent of former student)

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